Long distance walkers should always have healthy snacks on hand before beginning their walk. This prevents walkers from countering their exercise with the temptation of candy and fatty foods when they get home. There are many nutritious and tasty snacks available for walkers.


Dried fruits are a great option for walkers. Try to find dried fruit with little or no sugar. Small fruits are an option as well. Apples can be cut into slices and stored in a sandwich bag. Berries are small enough to carry around as well, just be sure not to squish them along the way. On the up side, at least you’ll have freshly squeezed fruit juice.


Crackers are light and nutritious. They are also a great snack to make you feel fuller quicker. There are numerous varieties of crackers on the market. Some are made with dried vegetables, which are excellent for you. Try not to buy any that are too salty. Wheat, peanut butter, graham, and basic Ritz crackers are all wonderful, nutritious options for walkers.


Take a bag of healthy, dry cereal to munch on as you walk. Cereal is easy to store in a small bag or container and is good for you. Take some Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, or Grape Nuts with you to keep you full as you walk.

There are also cereal bars available. These are easy to carry and combine milk and cereal together. They are healthy for walkers and provide a good solution for cereal lovers.

~Granola Bars

Granola bars are extremely healthy. Some varieties have fruit, nuts, peanut butter, and even chocolate. Look at what is most healthy and will be best for your own diet. After all, the whole point of walking to be healthier. The last thing you want is for your snack to make your walk unhealthy.

~Fruit Snacks

We’ve all seen the Fruit by the Foot snacks, but there also healthy alternatives to these types of gummy snacks. Real fruit snacks like those made by Welch’s are a great idea for walkers. They provide 100% juice and give walkers a healthy, nutritious boost while they walk. These are great for walkers who want a variety of flavors and something easy to carry with them.


Water is vital to walkers. Water actually makes a person feel fuller longer, so they snack less. This will help keep walkers hydrated, which equals better health benefits from the walk. Walkers should always have a bottle of just plain water with them. The sports drinks normally have too much sugar for average walker. Sports drinks are mainly just for high endurance athletes that need extra energy.

Great tasting, healthy snacks are available for walkers. Get some sandwich bags and fill with your choice of nutritious snack and fill up a bottle with water and you’re ready for your walk.