Time to Get Going

Spring is here, yet some people are deadly afraid of the warmer weather–it means more of their body will be shown. Both guys and girls deal with different insecurities about their bodies; too fat, not enough muscles, too much flab, etc. So, many people are hitting the gym and trying to get the perfect beach body. Unfortunately, many of those same people lose motivation and don’t stick to their healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to keep you going!

1) Be diligent to go to the gym (or wherever you exercise)

Wherever you work out, make sure that your being diligent. If you go to the gym, set the days and times that you plan on going ahead of time to ensure you will go. Moreover, you will want to get into the habit of going to gym by, well, going! Even if you do not work out, drive to the gym anyway! Doing this will put you into the habit of going; and, more often than not, you will not want to waste the gas, so you’ll end up going in to work out anyway.

2) Always have healthy snacks with you

Nothing diminishes progress more than hunger. When you get hungry, you are prone to eat whatever is around–even if you try to fight it, you’ll probably succumb to the quickest foods around (fast food, chips, etc.). If you carry around some healthy snacks, like fruit or veggies, than you will start to train your body to enjoy those snacks while feeding your hunger. In the end, this keeps you from making poor food choices.

3) Never shop for food hungry

Never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry! You are playing with fire if you do so. The chances of you buying food you do not need, and does not fit into your diet, increase dramatically when you shop hungry. When you’re craving food, junk food calls out your name and beckons that you come–and it doesn’t help that the advertisers use certain colors and layouts in order to influence your decision to buy their food.

4) Accountability

Have a trusted friend or family member that will help you; they can text/call you to ask if you worked out, ate well, etc. Moreover, they can help you stay motivated by noticing your progress and hard work. Ultimately, there is safety with having a good encourager that will support you in your healthy living. After all, it’s not an easy thing to accomplish!