Introduction to the Spoon: Teaching Your Baby to Self Feed

When you infant is between 12 and 18 months it is time to start introducing your baby to the spoon. Most infants are curious about using silverware. They watch their parents and older siblings eating with silverware and they are interested in mimicking what they see.

First Step

There are several product options available to prepare your infant to use a spoon on their own. A fresh food feeder gives your infant the ability to practice eating using a utensil without having to be coordinated enough to balance food on a spoon. Parents are able to place pieces of whole, fresh food, such as fresh fruit into the feeder and the infant can chew on the food without risk of choking if they bite off small pieces.

Special grooved infant spoons are available with large handles that are easy for infants to hold. The grooves on the spoon help food like applesauce or infant cereal attach to the spoon. This can be less frustrating for infants than traditional baby spoons.

Play with your food

The first several times you give your infant a spoon they will most likely prefer to play with the spoon rather than try to eat. This is okay. Play is an important part of the learning experience for infants. They may practice picking up the food with their fingers and placing it on the spoon. It will take some time for infants to develop the coordination and balance needed to feed themselves with a spoon.


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Epilepsy Information, Stigma Poll and Lack Of Earning

On July 24th, 2015 I responded to a poll that asked if there was still a stigma related to epilepsy. I said YES!

Also, in reply to the poll I replied:
I have had epilepsy, catamenial epilepsy for almost 41 years. I’ve been intractable, I am photosensitive but am on medication to control it.
It took a long, long time to find the right pills.
I have been overdosed, misdiagnosed, thrown around like a “number on a doctor’s file”, and believe me, even doctor’s don’t know the meaning of the word “seizure”!

You never know until you experience one.
I used to experience up to 300 simple partials per day.

I have complex partial and simple, but they feel the same exact way.

I’ve used biofeedback therapy successfully, aromatherapy, especially jasmine, and a field called psychoneuroimmunology.

I studied the books of Joan Borysenko, who was my friend, writing about this.She gave me an author’s copy of her book “A Pocketful of Miracles”.

I have helped others with this disorder as the President, CEO and founder of The Epilepsy Connection. I made no money but I saved lives and helped others. The more I helped others the better I would feel. The healthier I would become.
I’m on a new drug now for 1 week called Keppra, that is working well.

I am in the middle of a disgusting divorce battle that unfortunately my ex-husband didn’t think enough of me to tell his company that he divorced me! I used to

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Amazing Health Discoveries

By Personal Experience

There is good news for those with diabetes and pressure behind the eyes that could lead to glaucoma. For those without insurance, using a thin of layer medicated chest rub under and around the eyes can help relieve the pressure by helping your eyes tear up. If you find you have the sniffles as your eyes tear up you have an important health discovery. What you have found is an effect from sinus trouble that could be the reason for the pressure behind your eyes.
This medicated chest rub can also help relieve regular pain, and take down swellings as it did for me.

I had a pain on the right side of my jaw , back pain, and a swelling on my leg that went down. For people who have suffered with Achilles tendinitis, the best solution is to hold ice to it ,stretch it and stay off it for a few days. Another discovery I have had with it is that once the swelling went down It went to my head. Meaning, the bile or mucous from the swelling of my foot transfered to my head giving me sinusitis that made me feel nauseous. I used goldenseal, Echinacea, or pure lemon juice with water all through the day. Once you use one of these methods to clear out your sinus problem you will experience frequent urination until the problem is solved. I believe that any mucous and flem problem can be lessened by the use

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