Healthy Wheat-Free Orange Soy Muffins

If you are allergic to wheat or are just looking for recipe alternatives to using wheat flour , try soy and other whole grains such as millet for a healthy and tasty difference. Using millet and soy flours in your baking can have tremendous health benefits over baked goods made with processed white flour. Ultimately, using a variety of whole grain and soy products can help you not only feel better, mentally and physically, but help you control your appetite and manage your weight as well.

Millet is considered one of the healthiest whole grains you can consume. It is tasty, high in fiber, and contains many important nutrients. It is also rich in phytochemicals, including those that help to lower cholesterol and cancer risks. Additionally, it is considered to be one of the least allergic and most digestible grains available.

Soy flour also adds many healthy benefits. It is a good source of fiber and important vitamins and minerals. Soy also contains isoflavones that have antioxidant properties, help reduce the risks of coronary heart disease and stroke, and play a role in protecting and maintaining strong bones.

If you like muffins, here is one that you might try that is also popular at our house :

1/2 cup soy flour 
1 and 1/2 cups millet flour 
1 tablespoon baking powder 
1/4 teaspoon salt 
1 cup orange juice 
1/4 cup honey 
1/4 vegetable oil 
1/4 teaspoon orange flavoring

The mixture should be enough for 12 muffins. Line the

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Curb Your “Hangry” State With These Healthy Snacks

Do you turn into a grumpy, “hangry” version of yourself without snacks to nosh on throughout your day? Being hungry without something to satisfy your tummy can quickly cause irritability, sleepiness and crankiness all at once. Whether it’s in the afternoon at the office or on a weekend day running errands, avoid your “hangry” state with these comforting, gratifying snack ideas.

Organic apple and string cheese

Apples are the perfect snack to satisfy a little bit of crankiness. They can give you as much energy as a small cup of coffee and they are much healthier than a bag of chips. Pair apple slices with bites of low-fat string cheese for a completely satisfying snack.

Mixed nut packet and dark chocolate chips

Tackle your mid-afternoon slump with a pre-portioned bag of mixed nuts and a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips. Many grocers now carry pre-made nut packs, or you can make your own with a healthy mix of raw almonds, walnuts and soy nuts. The sweetness from the dark chocolate chips will tame your craving for a candy bar.

Crudite with hummus

At the start of the week, chop your favorite fresh veggies so they’re ready to go when you need a quick bite. Having fresh celery sticks, baby carrots, bell pepper slices and steamed broccoli will make snacking a cinch. Pair the ready-to-eat crudite with hummus.

Goat cheese on wheat crackers

Portion out one-ounce servings of goat cheese. If you’re feeling like a bag of chips or pretzels, reach

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Going Organic My Healthy Choice

Many people choose organic food as a healthier choice for foods. With an increased concern about sprays and pesticides and their effects on health, people believe organic foods are a wiser choice. Research indicates a concern about commercially produced foods and the effects of products used on them to produce beautiful and perfect fruits, vegetables and other products.

A concern exists that many additives used in processed foods affects our health in adverse ways. People are concerned these toxins and additives remain in our bodies after consumption, and over time trigger other medical concerns or conditions. Parents with children choose organics to treat food and additive allergies. People with food sensitivities also choose organics to avoid some of the triggers for allergic reactions. Some people are concerned about maintaining optimal health and choose organics to help them in this quest.

I am one of those people who choose to purchase and eat organic foods. About 97% of what I eat and drink is organic from my dairy to my grains, fruits and vegetables. Yes, my food is probably at least 30-40% higher in cost, and perhaps my organics are my choice of to believe I am doing something healthier for me.

A few years ago, I turned fifty. My health has been good compared to most people. I do not have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or any other medical concerns or conditions. I studied people my age and older and realized those IF I wished to continue to

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Eating Colors – a Healthy Reminder

Eating Colors – A Healthy Reminder

As children, our parents and caregivers often told us to “eat your vegetables”. Another familiar phrase recited in school is “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Now as adults, we hear certified health professionals and nutritionists give validity to this advice by recommending several servings per day. The message is to include more vegetables and fruits in our daily diet for great health. How can we do this without walking around with a food chart and stressing about what to buy at the market, what to prepare for meals, or what to order while eating out? One way is to use our eyes! The brilliant colors of vegetables and fruits are a helpful guide as to what to eat. Just make sure your meals regularly include every color of the spectrum as insurance of providing your body with the wealth of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and nutrients these whole foods provide.

For example, green is just one color of the spectrum, but it represents a powerful food selection. “It isn’t easy being green” as Kermit the Frog of Sesame Street fame lamented in song, but it is easy eating green. The selection of green food is plentiful and readily available. From a to z , asparagus to zucchini, the list of green vegetables is probably longer than any other color, enough of a variety to appeal to every taste that makes it easy to eat your daily “green”. The versatility in preparing and

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Eating Healthy Snacks

We all love to snack, but the idea is to choose healthy snacks instead of snacks high in fat, calories and bad carbs. Here are some suggestions on healthy snacks you can choose.

Snacking on healthy foods can some times be a challenge, especially when you see on TV pictures of all kinds of fattening, high calorie snacks. When you feel that urge to have an in-between-meal snack, choose snack that are healthy for you and good for your health. It is okay to treat yourself once in awhile with a snack you really like, but mainly stick to healthy snacks that your body can use for energy.

Choose low calorie foods, high protein snacks, snacks low in sugar. Don’t be tempted by the smells in the grocery stores or restaurants. They may smell good, but if you snack on this type of food every day, you and your body will pay in the long run.

Following is a list of wonderful, healthy, great tasting snacks! 
Celery sticks with peanut butter on lite cream cheese. 
Nice juicy apple. 
Whole wheat toast with peanut butter or lite cream cheese. 
Fruit smoothie, made with real fruit and low fat plain yogurt. 
Blue chips with hummus dip. 
Veggies and low cal dip. 
Handful of almonds 
Chew a piece of sugar free gum, may tame your sweet tooth. 
Foods high in fiber 
Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe wedges. 
The list can go on and on, the point is choose those snacks that you know

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Tips for Packing a Healthy Tasty Lunch..

Do you want to eat heathly?

Have you been told by friends, family members and doctors that you need to?

Look no further then here for some advice on how to eat healthy tasty foods that are easy to prepare and great on your pallet…

If you do nothing else at least… Try to pack a piece of fruit, sounds simple but most people don’t eat fruit at lunch… did you know an apple will boost your energy more then a cup of coffee? try an apple, banana, orange, pear, grapes, strawberries or any other fruit you like…

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me try an organic treat or a vegan treat… as yucky as it may sound vegan cookies are delicious… don’t believe me? well then don’t take my word for it go try one and you’ll know what im talking about… or even replace the twinkie, ding dong, ho-ho with a chocolate chip granola bar, just as sweet … or just cut down from 2 cookies to 1…

Replace that white bread with whole grains, whole wheat breads are better tasting and much much healthier…

If your not a bread eater or if your a carb counter try low carb wraps… they are a great way to make sandwich type lunches with out the carbs….

Bring a salad instead of a sandwich or takeout… take last nights leftover chicken or steak if you have any and cut it up mix with greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, cheese,

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The Hottest Health Food May Be the Best

Chili peppers go with Cinco de Mayo like tequila goes with lime. They tingle your taste buds in everything from salsa to tamales, even in jellies. And, like the people who eat them, some are mild, others spicy. Some are so hot they’ll burn your tongue. But are they good for you? Actually, there are not many foods healthier, or more versatile.

Red peppers-from hot to bell-contain more vitamin C than oranges, more vitamin A than carrots, and they’re chock full of antioxidants. Greens don’t have as much as reds, but they’re still nutritious. Preliminary research indicates peppers may help kill cancer cells, lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, boost immunity, decrease inflammation, and curb your appetite. They can even relieve indigestion. And that’s just when you eat them. There are sprays and creams also.

Capsaicin is the chemical that makes the pepper hot. It’s concentrated in that white stuff that surrounds the seeds. It’s the active ingredient in cops’ pepper spray, but it’s also used in over-the-counter creams and sprays for an array of ailments. The difference is the dose and where you use it. Hint: No matter the concentration, keep it away from your eyes.

Before trying the following, have a workup to make sure of your diagnosis, and get your health-care provider’s okay that it’s safe for you.

The capsaicin in spray form can help:

• Migraine Headaches. The dose is one sniff up your nostril on the same side as your headache. Warning: it burns. But it

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Healthy Living: Staying Motivated and Working Hard

Time to Get Going

Spring is here, yet some people are deadly afraid of the warmer weather–it means more of their body will be shown. Both guys and girls deal with different insecurities about their bodies; too fat, not enough muscles, too much flab, etc. So, many people are hitting the gym and trying to get the perfect beach body. Unfortunately, many of those same people lose motivation and don’t stick to their healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to keep you going!

1) Be diligent to go to the gym (or wherever you exercise)

Wherever you work out, make sure that your being diligent. If you go to the gym, set the days and times that you plan on going ahead of time to ensure you will go. Moreover, you will want to get into the habit of going to gym by, well, going! Even if you do not work out, drive to the gym anyway! Doing this will put you into the habit of going; and, more often than not, you will not want to waste the gas, so you’ll end up going in to work out anyway.

2) Always have healthy snacks with you

Nothing diminishes progress more than hunger. When you get hungry, you are prone to eat whatever is around–even if you try to fight it, you’ll probably succumb to the quickest foods around (fast food, chips, etc.). If you carry around some healthy snacks, like fruit or veggies, than you will start to train

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Healthy Snacks for Walkers

Long distance walkers should always have healthy snacks on hand before beginning their walk. This prevents walkers from countering their exercise with the temptation of candy and fatty foods when they get home. There are many nutritious and tasty snacks available for walkers.


Dried fruits are a great option for walkers. Try to find dried fruit with little or no sugar. Small fruits are an option as well. Apples can be cut into slices and stored in a sandwich bag. Berries are small enough to carry around as well, just be sure not to squish them along the way. On the up side, at least you’ll have freshly squeezed fruit juice.


Crackers are light and nutritious. They are also a great snack to make you feel fuller quicker. There are numerous varieties of crackers on the market. Some are made with dried vegetables, which are excellent for you. Try not to buy any that are too salty. Wheat, peanut butter, graham, and basic Ritz crackers are all wonderful, nutritious options for walkers.


Take a bag of healthy, dry cereal to munch on as you walk. Cereal is easy to store in a small bag or container and is good for you. Take some Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, or Grape Nuts with you to keep you full as you walk.

There are also cereal bars available. These are easy to carry and combine milk and cereal together. They are healthy for walkers and provide a good solution for cereal

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A Healthy Alternative to Candied Yams

Sweet potato mash

You will need sweet potatoes (my rule of thumb is 1/2 a sweet potato per person, pumpkin pie spice, margarine and a 0 calorie sweetener

Cut the sweet potatoes into chunks but leave the skin on (it helps to maintain firmness) and boil them.
Once tender remove the skin and mash. Liberally sprinkle the pumpkin pie spice and sweetener to taste, then add some margarine and give it a good stir.

I don’t measure spices just add them according to your own taste.


Martina McCullough

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