Do you turn into a grumpy, “hangry” version of yourself without snacks to nosh on throughout your day? Being hungry without something to satisfy your tummy can quickly cause irritability, sleepiness and crankiness all at once. Whether it’s in the afternoon at the office or on a weekend day running errands, avoid your “hangry” state with these comforting, gratifying snack ideas.

Organic apple and string cheese

Apples are the perfect snack to satisfy a little bit of crankiness. They can give you as much energy as a small cup of coffee and they are much healthier than a bag of chips. Pair apple slices with bites of low-fat string cheese for a completely satisfying snack.

Mixed nut packet and dark chocolate chips

Tackle your mid-afternoon slump with a pre-portioned bag of mixed nuts and a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips. Many grocers now carry pre-made nut packs, or you can make your own with a healthy mix of raw almonds, walnuts and soy nuts. The sweetness from the dark chocolate chips will tame your craving for a candy bar.

Crudite with hummus

At the start of the week, chop your favorite fresh veggies so they’re ready to go when you need a quick bite. Having fresh celery sticks, baby carrots, bell pepper slices and steamed broccoli will make snacking a cinch. Pair the ready-to-eat crudite with hummus.

Goat cheese on wheat crackers

Portion out one-ounce servings of goat cheese. If you’re feeling like a bag of chips or pretzels, reach for ak-mak whole wheat crackers and spread room-temperature goat cheese on top. The sesame flavor of the crackers are delicious and satisfying.

Greek yogurt cup with chia or hemp seeds

Faga, Chobani and other local brands make convenient single-serve portions of non-fat Greek yogurt. There’s a variety of fruit flavors to choose from. Top a yogurt cup with a tablespoon of hemp or chia seeds for extra crunch, protein and nutrients.

Always carry lemon water or unflavored water with you on the go. Sipping on 6-8 ounces of water can carry over a hunger pang until you make it home.