There is an important dialogue going on right now in America. As President Barack Obama says it’s happening over dinner tables and in work spaces and in churches all over America. It’s also happening on the World Wide Web and on sites like Associated Content. Jeff Musall is one of my favorite content producers. I subscribe to his posts and regularly read his pieces with intense interest. However he just published a piece about this healthcare issue which brought up some legitimate facts; his overall conclusion though, was one I could not disagree with more.

In the piece Jeff says that this discussion about Healthcare reform has been going on since Nixon. While I don’t have the facts in front of me, I’d believe as much. I’ll bet it’s been going on even longer as the modern healthcare system is constantly evolving and elicits all sorts of opinions. Doctors and scientist come up with new medications and better treatments and faster recovery times. This is all great for people with illnesses; it’s also given the United States a crutch to continually lean on in the feigned hopes that just taking a pill will somehow remedy all which ails you.

What’s missing from the discussion isn’t nearly as troubling as what’s present. Front and center in all these debates is the attack on insurance companies. But that’s what the government would become under this Obama care! Jeff quotes the government option as being “3%” vs. the “33%” of current insurance plans. But don’t you think those numbers are looking through rose-colored glasses? Costs will rise, people will be unhappy, and the problems would continue. If we turned the government into our insurance company then the burden would fall squarely on the shoulders of everyone. Taxes would skyrocket; people would be disgruntled for not getting the care they want; the system is just untenable.

So what happens then Jeff? And America? What happens when the Obama plan is passed and you can’t get the coverage that you want? Or need? And not even you? What about close friends? Or your family? Litigation, long waits on decisions, bankruptcy; it’s all coming down the line for those who care to look ahead at what could happen rather than at the present moment and what they don’t have.

I don’t have insurance, coincidently. I was in a car accident when I was a boy, was unconscious for three weeks, and went through rigorous physical therapy. I was fortunate for my parent’s health insurance. But you know what? This same medicine which “saved me” also became a crutch. My preventative pills got real expensive. So I’d hop on and hop off. For years I did this; my pills were more than $100 for a month’s supply. I was barely surviving on the meager money I made. Fast forward to my last neurologists’ appointment where I had my mea culpa and I got off the horse entirely. My dad had cancer; he and I shared stories and the conclusion was the same; you reach a point where you need to make a decision with preventative medicine. Is the care you’re being fed worth it? What about self-reliance? Take care of yourself, live life well, and let the chips fall where they may.

So while the discussion rages on, the outcome seems clear. There will be no reform because the vested interests stacked against the President are too numerous and the opinions too divergent. We can’t all get on the same train if no one can agree on the route; the time spent, or even the destination. As I said to my respected content producer brother Jeff; forcing everyone to swallow such a bitter pill, when so many Americans don’t do for themselves what they need to, is irresponsible.