Unlike most women, I didn’t diet for my wedding several years ago. Most bridal boot camp-type diets are fairly harmless, but there’s a dangerous trend right now that some are calling “bridal hunger games.” Brides are following a feeding tube diet or K-E Diet of 800 calories a day, fed through a nasal tube, according to a New York Times article.

Just the thought of the diet makes me feel repulsed.

Avoiding the rebound weight gain

I had a specific reason for not dieting for my wedding. I have always heard women who go on crash diets end up gaining significantly more weight in the long run.

Sure, I would love to have fit into a size 4 wedding dress instead of a size 8, but it wasn’t worth it. I know one friend who whittled herself down to 110 pounds for her wedding, only to gain 50 pounds on the honeymoon cruise. She ballooned to obese in just a few weeks.

Finding that healthy glow

I’ve enjoyed watching the wedding boot camp fitness television programs; fitness trainers can help a woman tone up before a wedding.

Brides often argue that they want their wedding photographs to be perfect. But people who look the best are those who are radiant and healthy with good muscle tone.

Starving doesn’t give a bride a glow, but love does.

Pushing women to develop eating disorders

Some experts argue American women are developing a collective eating disorder. The feeding tube bride is just further evidence, they say.

A friend of mine recently broke up with her longtime fiancé. She lost a lot of weight on the HCG diet in hopes of fitting into a smaller size wedding dress. It’s a fairly normal desire. But sticking to 500 calories a day isn’t healthy — however, it does train a person to be anorexic. Ironically, most people I know who go on crash diets don’t end up looking anorexic. They have major rebound weight problems, ballooning up to a bigger size than they were prior to the diet.

Although I didn’t lose any weight for my wedding, I didn’t gain any weight after my wedding either. Eventually I shed the pounds I wanted to lose, the slow and healthy way. My husband loves me whether I’m thick or thin.

Laura Cone is a “professional dieter” who chronicles her diets at Five Days on a Diet blog.