Who would guess that 3,006 milligrams of anything could control a person’s destiny? Simply, your anticonvulsant pills are your keys to life, rather than merely survival. This is why you need to know what the latest medical breakthroughs are regarding epilepsy research and how you can apply this knowledge to your seizure type(s).

When my pills work there is no threat of seizures, and I usually know in the morning what cards I’m dealt. My payoff is that my legs work, my work on The Epilepsy Connection is more efficient, and I’m bestowed total control of the outcome of my day, minute by minute. Working pills are my “genie in a bottle” that grants my main wish – health. I thrive when given a day with nothing to adapt to; I can focus intently on what I choose without aborting seizures to remain conscious. There is no need to strategize an urgent place to sit to prevent injury. Peace is not something I search for but rather it is a morning gift and revelation as well. There’s a huge red ribbon lushly wrapped around it. To say that this is refreshing is a massive understatement.

One day, when health stability and the inspiration to write a winning article coincided, I headed for an aesthetically beautiful place to write. I was there with my mother, just days before, on an unstable day guided by the wheels of a chair. Friends I met on my visit with her took “triple takes” in shock when they saw my legs almost moving like a graceful hovercraft. My legs didn’t just walk – they seemed to glide! Some thought I came from a healing revival. Others that I knew better knew what the legs working really meant and smiled with watery eyes. Their expressions were priceless because they said, “we cheer you on”, all without words. I felt their joy for my restored health through their congratulatory wide smiles. That was as good as a psychological face-lift for me!

In summary, all of our health concerns are as unique as we are. What we do to face them are equally unique. We must keep searching. I do not know what my future holds any more than any of you do. We just play our cards as they are dealt, turning them all into winning hands. After doing extensive research on my options, this “chair” is a tool for me to be productive. It is not used daily and I value using my abilities, whatever they may be. I avoid it at all costs and am not advocating those with seizures to lock themselves up in a wheelchair. Any of you who have read my prior articles knows INDEPENDENCE and STRENGTH are the keywords I live by. I use every ability I posses. Resorting to drastic measures such as this are employed sparingly.