By Personal Experience

There is good news for those with diabetes and pressure behind the eyes that could lead to glaucoma. For those without insurance, using a thin of layer medicated chest rub under and around the eyes can help relieve the pressure by helping your eyes tear up. If you find you have the sniffles as your eyes tear up you have an important health discovery. What you have found is an effect from sinus trouble that could be the reason for the pressure behind your eyes.
This medicated chest rub can also help relieve regular pain, and take down swellings as it did for me.

I had a pain on the right side of my jaw , back pain, and a swelling on my leg that went down. For people who have suffered with Achilles tendinitis, the best solution is to hold ice to it ,stretch it and stay off it for a few days. Another discovery I have had with it is that once the swelling went down It went to my head. Meaning, the bile or mucous from the swelling of my foot transfered to my head giving me sinusitis that made me feel nauseous. I used goldenseal, Echinacea, or pure lemon juice with water all through the day. Once you use one of these methods to clear out your sinus problem you will experience frequent urination until the problem is solved. I believe that any mucous and flem problem can be lessened by the use of those products.

For people who suffer from colon cancer,congestive heart failure, pneumonia , and in pain with difficulty keeping food or medicine down there is a solution. I noticed that my father used to cough up alot of flem. His good doctor at the time told him to stay away from dairy. Most people would go and by the nutritional drinks with all the nutrients combined with a dairy drink. This is a fatal decision for those suffering from major mucous relating illnesses. Anyone with those problems should drink natural fruit juiceherbal tea, and hot soups for ten days. If the person is getting thin soft foods such as eggs, mashed potato’s, fruit, unsalted crackers and cooked vegetables is a suitable diet.

In addition, if the person has difficulty handling food and strong medicines a good alternative would be vivinex a powdered nutritional drink mixed with water and a variety of flavors. Moreover, if the prescription drugs are the culprit behind the heavy vomiting it should not in any way be taken as I was told by a triage nurse. The most natural bland foods makes me feel better than the spicey foods. I tell you this as my own personal stories that may work for some more than others. I hope that these discoveries can help you along your journey to good health. I urge you to demand vivinex for the sake of someone who cannot take dairy.