A complete and professional massage can play a vital role in healing a large number of health problems, such as back pains and inflammations. However, as you cannot go to a massage specialist all the time, you can think about buying a massager that would make the exact same thing.

Having a massage in the intimacy of your home with the comfort and efficiency of a professional are the main reasons for which some people buy electric massage chairs and renounce their weekly session with a massage specialist.

Studies show three principal benefits in using such massagers:

Muscular massage improves the nervous and lymphatic circulation, increasing the blood flow and facilitating the absorption of nutrients by your body. Massage eliminates toxins from the treated areas and revives the external tissues. Massage therapy reduces tensions and improves flexibility, allowing your body and mind to fully relax.

These benefits work both physically and psychically to reduce the common symptoms of back pains. By studying the human body and the feedback from users, it was possible to develop many types of massage for health chairs, suited for different clients and having numerous benefits.


Rules to follow when buying a massager for health:

Most of the chairs can automatically take the shape of the body, while others have to be adjusted manually or with a remote. This is a necessity as it guarantees your whole body will benefit of the effects. In case the chair is incorrectly calibrated, it will not offer satisfying effects and can even have unwanted results.

The second important thing is the massage power, which have to be adjustable considering your tolerance to pressure. Massage has to be moderated, but never painful. Start with the lower power level and increase as your body adjust, and if you feel a stronger massage would not hurt you.

Best massage techniques

Currently, the most efficient techniques the chairs can do are inspired by the Swedish massage. With this massage method, there is a tendency to squeeze, touch and press certain areas of the body, with the goal of releasing the tension from that area. This massage is characterized by long and slippery moves along the back, with the goal of improving the blood circulation.

The Shiatsu massage is possible with some of the massagers for health. Those can also be adjusted in terms of speed, pressure and width, efficiently releasing the pressure and rigidity, and reducing the pain in vertebras. 

The different programs of these chairs can be used to synchronize different massage methods, improving the muscular tone and eliminating tiredness.

Investing in a massage for health chair definitely looks like an expense at the moment, but the benefits on the long term cannot be contested. You will save a lot of money and time for the years to come by renouncing your usual massage specialist, and you can benefit of this relaxing treat at your home, whenever you feel tensioned or you want to relax in a stylish way while watching your favorite TV program.