Interview with Health Coach Nico Vazquez

Health Coach Nico Vazquez received his Bachelors of Art’s in Exercise Science from Warner University. He played four years of baseball at Warner and led the Florida Sun Conference both junior and senior years in stolen bases. Later, he played professionally with the Toronto Blue Jays baseball organization. Nico currently resides in Los Angeles, and has been a Health Coach for two years.

How did you get involved in becoming a Health Coach?

I began as a health coach when I first moved to L.A. While looking to make some extra income. I heard about the Herbalife opportunity became a HERBALIFE distributor-health coach

Is this the same as a Fitness Trainer?

Negative. There are “fitness trainers” who also do the health coaching work but, as a health coach we do of course focus and encourage a healthy active lifestyle but mainly focus on the nutrition aspect.

What are the common mistakes people make when they set out to, “get in shape?”

1. Cut calories (eat less) and workout more. Yes it is important to keep your calorie count under your RMR (resting metabolic rate/ the amount of calories your body burns at rest) when trying to lose weight, but it is more important that our bodies are receiving the right amount of nutrition or fuel for the body to function properly. When people start eating less to keep the calories low they are also depleting the nutrition value the body is getting.

2. Don’t eat anything- big mistake. Again, the

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Bridal Hunger Games Aren’t Healthy

Unlike most women, I didn’t diet for my wedding several years ago. Most bridal boot camp-type diets are fairly harmless, but there’s a dangerous trend right now that some are calling “bridal hunger games.” Brides are following a feeding tube diet or K-E Diet of 800 calories a day, fed through a nasal tube, according to a New York Times article.

Just the thought of the diet makes me feel repulsed.

Avoiding the rebound weight gain

I had a specific reason for not dieting for my wedding. I have always heard women who go on crash diets end up gaining significantly more weight in the long run.

Sure, I would love to have fit into a size 4 wedding dress instead of a size 8, but it wasn’t worth it. I know one friend who whittled herself down to 110 pounds for her wedding, only to gain 50 pounds on the honeymoon cruise. She ballooned to obese in just a few weeks.

Finding that healthy glow

I’ve enjoyed watching the wedding boot camp fitness television programs; fitness trainers can help a woman tone up before a wedding.

Brides often argue that they want their wedding photographs to be perfect. But people who look the best are those who are radiant and healthy with good muscle tone.

Starving doesn’t give a bride a glow, but love does.

Pushing women to develop eating disorders

Some experts argue American women are developing a collective eating disorder. The feeding tube bride is just further

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Curb Your “Hangry” State With These Healthy Snacks

Do you turn into a grumpy, “hangry” version of yourself without snacks to nosh on throughout your day? Being hungry without something to satisfy your tummy can quickly cause irritability, sleepiness and crankiness all at once. Whether it’s in the afternoon at the office or on a weekend day running errands, avoid your “hangry” state with these comforting, gratifying snack ideas.

Organic apple and string cheese

Apples are the perfect snack to satisfy a little bit of crankiness. They can give you as much energy as a small cup of coffee and they are much healthier than a bag of chips. Pair apple slices with bites of low-fat string cheese for a completely satisfying snack.

Mixed nut packet and dark chocolate chips

Tackle your mid-afternoon slump with a pre-portioned bag of mixed nuts and a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips. Many grocers now carry pre-made nut packs, or you can make your own with a healthy mix of raw almonds, walnuts and soy nuts. The sweetness from the dark chocolate chips will tame your craving for a candy bar.

Crudite with hummus

At the start of the week, chop your favorite fresh veggies so they’re ready to go when you need a quick bite. Having fresh celery sticks, baby carrots, bell pepper slices and steamed broccoli will make snacking a cinch. Pair the ready-to-eat crudite with hummus.

Goat cheese on wheat crackers

Portion out one-ounce servings of goat cheese. If you’re feeling like a bag of chips or pretzels, reach

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Healthcare in America

There is an important dialogue going on right now in America. As President Barack Obama says it’s happening over dinner tables and in work spaces and in churches all over America. It’s also happening on the World Wide Web and on sites like Associated Content. Jeff Musall is one of my favorite content producers. I subscribe to his posts and regularly read his pieces with intense interest. However he just published a piece about this healthcare issue which brought up some legitimate facts; his overall conclusion though, was one I could not disagree with more.

In the piece Jeff says that this discussion about Healthcare reform has been going on since Nixon. While I don’t have the facts in front of me, I’d believe as much. I’ll bet it’s been going on even longer as the modern healthcare system is constantly evolving and elicits all sorts of opinions. Doctors and scientist come up with new medications and better treatments and faster recovery times. This is all great for people with illnesses; it’s also given the United States a crutch to continually lean on in the feigned hopes that just taking a pill will somehow remedy all which ails you.

What’s missing from the discussion isn’t nearly as troubling as what’s present. Front and center in all these debates is the attack on insurance companies. But that’s what the government would become under this Obama care! Jeff quotes the government option as being “3%” vs. the “33%” of current insurance plans.

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Going Organic My Healthy Choice

Many people choose organic food as a healthier choice for foods. With an increased concern about sprays and pesticides and their effects on health, people believe organic foods are a wiser choice. Research indicates a concern about commercially produced foods and the effects of products used on them to produce beautiful and perfect fruits, vegetables and other products.

A concern exists that many additives used in processed foods affects our health in adverse ways. People are concerned these toxins and additives remain in our bodies after consumption, and over time trigger other medical concerns or conditions. Parents with children choose organics to treat food and additive allergies. People with food sensitivities also choose organics to avoid some of the triggers for allergic reactions. Some people are concerned about maintaining optimal health and choose organics to help them in this quest.

I am one of those people who choose to purchase and eat organic foods. About 97% of what I eat and drink is organic from my dairy to my grains, fruits and vegetables. Yes, my food is probably at least 30-40% higher in cost, and perhaps my organics are my choice of to believe I am doing something healthier for me.

A few years ago, I turned fifty. My health has been good compared to most people. I do not have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or any other medical concerns or conditions. I studied people my age and older and realized those IF I wished to continue to

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The Beginning of Health Care in the French Colony of New France

Previously published in Examiner

The very first hospital in Montreal still in existence is called Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal.


Long before the country of Canada, the french settlers in New France which is now Quebec were concerned with medical care for the poor. Medical care was carried out in the very first hospitals and which were mainly charities and other non-profit organizations. In Quebec we had the nuns that operated the hospitals in Montreal and elsewhere. The Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal was the first hospital in Quebec, founded in 1642. Hôtel-Dieu means God’s Hostel, old french, for hospital. Jeanne Mance was the nurse who founded the hospital. The hospital was rebuilt three times during the history of New France and had remained the only French medical institution for 200 years thereafter. Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal still exists today on St. Urban Street.


Jeanne Mance was a laywoman, but the hospital and all other hospitals of New France (first name for Quebec) would be serviced by nuns. Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal was run by the nuns of “Les Religious or Réligieuses Hospitallers of Saint Joseph. ”


Margaret Bourgeoys , was one of the first charity workers. Margaret Bourgeoys was an educator and now the name of the French catholic school commission in Montreal, Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys – Montréal CSMB is named in her honour. Bourgeoys was a teacher, and health practitioner for the poor. She worked with Paul Chomedy De Maisonneuve (1612-1676) and Jeanne Mance in the small colony of New France. Times were hard

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Eating Colors – a Healthy Reminder

Eating Colors – A Healthy Reminder

As children, our parents and caregivers often told us to “eat your vegetables”. Another familiar phrase recited in school is “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Now as adults, we hear certified health professionals and nutritionists give validity to this advice by recommending several servings per day. The message is to include more vegetables and fruits in our daily diet for great health. How can we do this without walking around with a food chart and stressing about what to buy at the market, what to prepare for meals, or what to order while eating out? One way is to use our eyes! The brilliant colors of vegetables and fruits are a helpful guide as to what to eat. Just make sure your meals regularly include every color of the spectrum as insurance of providing your body with the wealth of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and nutrients these whole foods provide.

For example, green is just one color of the spectrum, but it represents a powerful food selection. “It isn’t easy being green” as Kermit the Frog of Sesame Street fame lamented in song, but it is easy eating green. The selection of green food is plentiful and readily available. From a to z , asparagus to zucchini, the list of green vegetables is probably longer than any other color, enough of a variety to appeal to every taste that makes it easy to eat your daily “green”. The versatility in preparing and

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Short-term Health Care: Benefits and Affordability

Purchasing the Best Temporary Health Insurance plan

In most cases, people opt for temporary insurance in one (or more) of three circumstances:

Job Transition. Most jobs offer health insurance through their companies, and employees save a significant amount by using the company insurance as their provider, since this feature is part of the employment package. But if you’re in the middle of changing jobs, you’re still going to need insurance in case you need to visit the doctor for any reason.

Job Search. If you’re job-hunting, you still want health insurance, since you never know how long it could take for you to land a job with all the benefits you want. In the meantime, you still need to know you’re taken care of whenever you have to visit a doctor.

Recent Graduate. If you’ve just graduated from college, chances are you’ve been on your parent’s health insurance all your life, and really didn’t have a need for an individual insurance plan. You can use temporary health insurance to ‘hold you over’ until you land a full-time job with benefits.

Most temporary insurance plans last for up to a year, and if you need more time, most agencies will let you renew your policy. In most cases, you can also receive temporary insurance on your parent’s policy until you are up to 20 years old, or 24 if you’re a full time student. Sometimes, parents put their infant children on this type of insurance as well if the child is

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Eating Healthy Snacks

We all love to snack, but the idea is to choose healthy snacks instead of snacks high in fat, calories and bad carbs. Here are some suggestions on healthy snacks you can choose.

Snacking on healthy foods can some times be a challenge, especially when you see on TV pictures of all kinds of fattening, high calorie snacks. When you feel that urge to have an in-between-meal snack, choose snack that are healthy for you and good for your health. It is okay to treat yourself once in awhile with a snack you really like, but mainly stick to healthy snacks that your body can use for energy.

Choose low calorie foods, high protein snacks, snacks low in sugar. Don’t be tempted by the smells in the grocery stores or restaurants. They may smell good, but if you snack on this type of food every day, you and your body will pay in the long run.

Following is a list of wonderful, healthy, great tasting snacks! 
Celery sticks with peanut butter on lite cream cheese. 
Nice juicy apple. 
Whole wheat toast with peanut butter or lite cream cheese. 
Fruit smoothie, made with real fruit and low fat plain yogurt. 
Blue chips with hummus dip. 
Veggies and low cal dip. 
Handful of almonds 
Chew a piece of sugar free gum, may tame your sweet tooth. 
Foods high in fiber 
Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe wedges. 
The list can go on and on, the point is choose those snacks that you know

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Tips for Packing a Healthy Tasty Lunch..

Do you want to eat heathly?

Have you been told by friends, family members and doctors that you need to?

Look no further then here for some advice on how to eat healthy tasty foods that are easy to prepare and great on your pallet…

If you do nothing else at least… Try to pack a piece of fruit, sounds simple but most people don’t eat fruit at lunch… did you know an apple will boost your energy more then a cup of coffee? try an apple, banana, orange, pear, grapes, strawberries or any other fruit you like…

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me try an organic treat or a vegan treat… as yucky as it may sound vegan cookies are delicious… don’t believe me? well then don’t take my word for it go try one and you’ll know what im talking about… or even replace the twinkie, ding dong, ho-ho with a chocolate chip granola bar, just as sweet … or just cut down from 2 cookies to 1…

Replace that white bread with whole grains, whole wheat breads are better tasting and much much healthier…

If your not a bread eater or if your a carb counter try low carb wraps… they are a great way to make sandwich type lunches with out the carbs….

Bring a salad instead of a sandwich or takeout… take last nights leftover chicken or steak if you have any and cut it up mix with greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, cheese,

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