Home Health Care is a brilliant facet of modern medicine. After 22 days in the hospital with a life threatening illness, I was sent home with scheduled visits for home health care. I was still on IV antibiotics via a PIC line and had a 10cm open wound on the side of my neck. HHC came in that first day and taught my husband how to administer the antibiotics and when, and scheduled further dressing changes. At this point I had a wound vac dressing, but that was soon discarded as the area was problematic for that therapy. I was consistently impressed with the professionalism of the nurses that visited me. They were obviously educated and specifically trained to home care and most of them were personable and respectful to me and my husband. I especially liked the ones who told me what they were doing every step of the way, and who listened to my concerns and questions and answered them particularly. It is so necessary to quiet fears and present listening is the best way to do that, from a patients point of view.

I had a great rise in peace of mind being able to leave the hospital and go home; it felt like such a victory. It also facilitated my husband being able to return to work and those caring for my home and pets to return to their lives. If home health care had not been available, these milestones in my recovery would have been delayed or disabled, causing discouragement and frustration, which I believe would have set my healing and recovery back several weeks. I am grateful for home health care and I hope to see it continue to evolve.