Charlie Louvin 1927 – 2011, Music Pioneer


Charlie LouvinWith the passing of Charlie Louvin, the world has lost more than a musical pioneer and gifted showman; we have lost one of the kindest souls I’ve had the pleasure to have known. Everyone who knew Charlie knew what a giving man he was, but when you put all of the personal stories together, it adds up to far beyond what one might have imagined.

He had even gone as far as borrowing money from the bank to lend to a friend in need. Charlie was at any benefit, that he was asked to perform at,for friend or stranger; even when it cost him a paying gig, which it often did.

When a friend of his was unable to put food on the table, Charlie was by every week with groceries for this man’s family. He mowed many a lawn for bereaved families that had recently lost a loved one.

He believed in helping in small ways whenever he had the opportunity. He was always collecting soda tabs for Ronald McDonald house wherever he was, though it meant picking through garbage to get to them many times. He was a very humble man who was true to his roots in both music and life. And he was a man of his word; a hand-shake meant as much to him as a signed contract.

Charlie stuck to his guns throughout his career; this choice did not always make him the most popular singer in the industry. He was a Legend in his own time, even though this means little to the Country Music coats and ties of today, who appreciate a quick buck much more than talent.

Charlie was a warm-hearted fellow who was always quick with a joke. He was a great storyteller. This man had a great love for life and kept his sense of humor to the end. Charlie’s warm smile will be greatly missed, as will his continued musical contributions. He was called to be a man of music, but he always left room to be a man of God.

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  1. Charlie Louvin was one of the most influential artists in the history of music and will be honored and remembered for generations to come. His musical influence spanned trends and genres and resoundingly perseveres in today’s music – and beyond.

    Thank you Charlie for being an innovator in a world of imitators – thank you for leading us in new musical directions. Thank you for your realistic sensibilities and limitless imagination.

    I look forward to seeing you again my friend.

  2. Ian English says:

    I discovered you at a late stage, 2007 ,when you appeared in London.
    I immediately ‘got’ what you were all about.
    You music touched me from the first time I heard it and it will always mean so much to me.
    God bless you and sleep well my friend.

  3. Josh Snyder says:

    In August of 2004 Charlie asked me if I would make a trip with him to PA to get the first Louvin Brothers record on 78. Of course I said yes. It would be the first of several we would make together. At that time he had a 2003 black Dodge Ram. Charlie was always trading cars. He did the Opry that night and we left from there and drove to a small town in west Tennessee where he did a show. After that we drove all the way to PA. I believe the town was East Berlin if memory serves me correct. We spent some time there and then headed back to Nashville and was home around 11 am Monday morning. All of this with no sleep. I remember coming down interstate 81 at 2 and 3 in the morning and he would be telling me stories of the old days. Then one of Louvin Brothers songs came on the XM radio. After the song “When I Stopped Dreaming” played “See the Big Man Cry” came on. We listened without talking. At that time he was driving and I would glance over at him with his cigarette dangling and I remember thinking I wander what is going through his mind. So after the songs played I asked him “Did you realize how special you and Ira were back then?” He replied “Well..we knew we had talent but we were just trying to make a living. Just trying to make a damn living” I then reached in his CD binder and pulled out “Livin Lovin Losin songs of the Louvin Brothers.” I told him “I know you did not know back then what an impact your music would have 50 years later but doesn’t this make some of it worthwhile.” He teared up and said “It makes all of it worthwhile” I put the cd in and we listened to the whole thing. I will never forget that night. God Bless you Charlie. Thanks for the great music…. Josh

  4. Michael Green says:

    My mother introduced me to country music, and she didn’t put up with a lot of the stuff that is now called country music. She loved the Louvins and passed that love on to me. I hope that Charlie Louvin is at peace and that his family is coping as best they can. Our loss is nothing compared with theirs, but at least all of us will always have his wonderful music.

  5. Dave Allen says:

    Rest in Peace Charlie-you are the best! My sympathies to all the friends and family.

  6. kent gray says:

    God Bless You Charlie! Say hey to everyone up there for me! Save me a chair too would ya?

    kent gray

  7. It is hard to know that I cannot pick up the phone and hear your voice. I miss our conversations on music and life. Charlie, I am a better person and better songwriter thanks to you.

    I will do a Louvin/Morris song at every show. If there are guitars in Heaven, may we pick together there!

  8. David Satterfield says:

    Having listened to the Louvin brothers for 50 years, I still think they were the best Harmony duo ever. Years ago I was looking for the album which had on it the song – From Mothers arms to Korea- and couldn’t find it, so I wrote Charlie, he wrote me back with info of where to look. I still have the letter. Thanks Charlie, we’ll miss you.

  9. Red-Rebel says:

    Charlie, I knew you for thirty five years and we’ve cleared land together and I cried when I learned you were gone. There will never be a friend like you! I still have to stop myself from picking up the phone and calling to see how you and the family are. We had some good times together and hope to see you again, up there! I remember driving your bus back from Canada so you and the band could get some sleep. Sleep well Charlie and save a place for me.

  10. Darin Jones says:

    I met Charlie at a show in Switzerland, Florida. He was a really nice man and he really put on a great show that day. I am so sorry! Its going to leave a big void in country music. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I was watching, Country’s Family Reunion and just seen him on there. I just happened to come here, to find out about his passing.
    God Bless…

  11. Jeff Alldredge says:

    I learned of Charlie’s passing by a friend posting it on facebook. Of all the influences that I could list, Charlie would have to be at the top. The day I read that post,I was at work. I knew he was very ill, but the news still hit me in a way that I didn’t expect. My eyes filled with tears, and I had to excuse myself to the mens room to regain my composure. Charlie’s music means something to me. He was the very reason that I ever wanted to sing. I got the pleasure of singing with him once on Sand Mountain. I hope there will come a day, when I reach the other side, that Charlie and I will sit down and pick and sing a few tunes. That will truely be the day that……….I Stop Dreaming. RIP Charlie. I will forever miss you.

  12. Dan Bueckert says:

    It was a sad time for me the day I heard that Charlie had pssed away. I never had the pleasure of meeting Charlie (or Ira) but I grew up listening to them on the old record player back in the late 50’s . Now I sing play a lot of Charlie & Ira’s songs in the style they did. I must say that the most influential people in my life of music would definitly be THE LOUVIN BROTHERS. Charlie’s rich voice along with Ira’s High harmonys certainly was enough to get me started . I pray for God’s blessing on the louvin family and would sure like to here from them to lear more about and Charlie..

  13. Dave Schwartzman says:

    I was lucky enough to video Charlie singing a touching version of “Ira”. Here is the youtube post for all to see the tenderness of Charlie Louvin. RIP.

    • Willi says:

      Thanks Dave for that link to that very touching song by Charlie. i just learned today that Charlie had passed away. i love the music of the Louvin Brothers.
      i have listened to their music for the last 20 years. yes, their music is very special to me. may God Bless the Louvin Family.

  14. Dale Hedgepath says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to sing backup with Chalie a few times in the late 60’s! Sleep well, my friend.
    Thank you
    Dale Hedgepath

  15. I just want you to know how much the Louvin Brothers music has influenced my life. Not only myself, but everyone in the world that has ever listened to them will be forever touched and enlightened. The gift to us all was their music and that made the a better place. My children listen to their music and I know my grandchildren will too. The music they made will forever. Thanks

  16. Kevin says:

    Wow. What else can you say about such an amazing songster. I just today heard Charlie’s music, that I am aware of, for the first time on a 20th anniversary edition of David Dye’s World Cafe. Before I heard any of the interview, while listening to a song, said to myself, “now that, is country music!”
    At the end of the segment, I sadly heard David Dye say that Charlie had passed….that brought me down from the high of his music, as I had gotten excited at the thought of seeing him perform.
    Ya got a new fan Charlie, thanks!

  17. Jim Stricklin says:

    Wow, here its been almost a year, since Charlie went to be with our master on the otherside and I still miss him !!
    Only meet him once but how I cheerish that night at the ET Midnite Jamboree. He was outside before the show.. we talked for an hour or more and he gave me some great advice and everytime I do cry myself to sleep, I think of him and the advice he gave me THANK YOU CHARLIE !!!!

  18. Eddie Fields says:

    Loved Charlie and HIS Wife . Kenny Isaacs and I came to Bell Buckle to help open the Louvin Bros. Musem . I set up many nights and early morning listening to his music . He told me if you feel it in your soul thats where the music will come from.. THANKS CHARLIE

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