JuddFilms and Neltner Creative Direct Film/DVD for Charlie Entitled “Still Rattlin’ the Devil’s Cage”

Louvin Rattlin Images

The project is funded via kickstarter.com, an online creative forum for folks/fans to donate to projects. The team raised a $3K+ production budget to cover hard costs for travel as well as produce 1K DVD’s for Charlie to sell on tour and right here on his site. The entire creative team, is donating their services, Judd/Neltner, Brian Steege(Director of Photography), Milk Products (editing), Jeff Chamber (screenwriting) to help Charlie raise money for medical expenses.

The crew has filmed Charlie’s 50th Anniversary show of “Satan is Real” Dec. 3 at the Foobar in Nashville and conducted an interview at his home. Special guests will be announced when filming continues in Nashville in Jan. We’ll be keeping you posted here and the tentative release date is Spring ’11.

In the mean time you can pick up one of Keith Neltner’s prints that commemorated the night and will be featured in the film. www.neltnercreative.com All proceeds will go to the film’s production costs.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, contact Blake Judd at blakejudd@juddfilms.com

20 Responses to “JuddFilms and Neltner Creative Direct Film/DVD for Charlie Entitled “Still Rattlin’ the Devil’s Cage””

  1. Just want to say how very grateful I am that Charlie made the time to do an interview with myself and Jeff Barry over the phone. We are a very small community radio station in Haliburton Ontario. On our Saturday Morning Country Show, Canoeing in the Country we play lots of Charlie Louvin and we often play the stinger that Charlie recorded for us.
    Thanks for the music…

  2. ELSTON DIRKS says:

    I like the gospel songs you sing they do something for the soul

  3. Jason C says:

    RIP Charlie – You’ll be missed. Thanks for all of the great years!

  4. Jeff Chambers says:

    Rest in peace, Charlie.

  5. Jay says:

    Peace be with you Charlie as you head on to be with the Lord. Your days here surely justify your future in Heaven.

    Rest in Songfull Peace!!

  6. Craig and Gena Anderson says:

    Grateful to have met and known you Charlie. You will be missed. You Meant so much to so many people.

  7. Gene Davis says:

    Go rest high now Charlie. You’ve earned it. I will always cherish the times when we played together at the old homeplace that later became the Louvin Brothers park. The harmony of this world will never be the same without you, but the songs the Angels sing in Heaven will be so much sweeter now that You and Ira are together again. Godspeed!

  8. Debbie Painter says:

    Charlie, you will be missed by many. You were a great friend to my dad, Lou, and I can see you both fishing and laughing in heaven, you both have left your pain behind. Your family will miss you but the great memories you made will sustain them.

    Prayers and Respect,

    Debbie and my Mom, Grace

  9. edith brown says:

    you will be sadly missed
    now you can go be the lord and renew with your brother who you have missed all these years

  10. George Sinclair says:

    I sang harmony with Charlie a few years back at a Benefit for another musician…what a wonderful experience with a wonderful person and a great humanitarian. You may be gone Charlie… but you’ll never be forgotten by friends and fans alike. God Bless and Best Wishes for your Family.

    George Sinclair, Canada

  11. Trey Young says:

    Charlie Louvin was a true Southern Gentleman and I’ll always cherish our friendship and the memories of having the pleasure to share the stage & sing with such a great man and entertainer. Charlie will be sorely missed.

  12. Charlie, I miss you very much. I want to send my thoughts and prayers to Betty, Sonny and the family. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to interview you at the Ky Theatre, the trip to Bonaroo, and to share your 80 th Birthday in Nashville. They did a great job with the celebration. You have touched so many lives in your music career and you will be missed world wide. Thanks for the laughs, you could sure tell a joke, as many that knew you will recall. I appreciate your strong character, humor and the beautiful Harmony. You truely are a Country Music Legend. Now you can rest in the arms of the Lord.
    Your Ky Buddy.
    Rhonda McIntyre

  13. ernie whited says:

    Cherish to have played the Louvin Bros. Park, at “May on the Mountain”. I enjoyed knowing you.. ( rest in peace) you can never be replaced!

  14. Margaret says:

    Charlie, you are loved by so many people, you touched the hearts of many…thank you for your wonderful music, we willmeet one day in heaven! We will miss here on earth…RIP my friend !!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Love you and your music meet you in heaven…

  16. Christine says:

    I met Charlie a few years back at his museum.. what a sweet.. gentle .. fun loving soul..
    Rest In Peace… Charlie.. my encounter with you will never be forgotten..

  17. Joe Y. says:

    I got turned on to the Louvin brothers in college. I just had the pleasure of doing a Louvin brothers song with my 5 yr old daughter in church on Sunday. I made sure to do it for Charlie. Charlie and the Louvin Brothers music is so special to me. I will always be listening!

  18. Beau Renfro says:

    Charlie was always giving advice to singers. I was one of those lucky guys to hear it. We both sing on the same show two years ago and Charlie’s drummer was not there. For some reason no other drummer was available to go on with Charlie. Although it had been years sence I played the drums and was not that good even when I did play, it was up to me. Charlie ask me to play behind him and I did. I repected him so much I was willing to do it and with his help I made it though. Charlie was one of the finest men I ever new. No, we were not close friends but before we parted that night we talked about everthing under the sun and yes God too. May you rest in peace my friend and I will never forget you calling my music Clear Country. From that day forward I called my band The Clear Country Band. Thanks Charlie

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